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Is that Ryan Gosling?

No, it's not. It's Grant Hazell, but Grant bears such an uncanny resemblance to Ryan Gosling, the Hollywood A Lister, that you would be forgiven for thinking he is. Grant's remarkable looks have captured the attention of booking agents all over the world.

British but currently residing in Perth, West Australia, Grant is able and willing to travel across the globe if required. Grant has television experience having appeared on various TV shows, news and also radio broadcasts.

  • Hire this spot on double for professional stand-in, body double jobs
  • Quickly grab the attention of your audience at a product promotion.

Book Your Own Ryan Gosling Celebrity Lookalike

Grant will be happy to attend your event and WOW your guests - Movie Character Costumes are available upon request. 

Book Grant as a Male Model for your Photoshoot

A well as working as a look-alike for Hollywood star Ryan Gosling, Grant is also in demand as a male model.

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